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Harmony is our idea of ​​an online contemporary art gallery, where you can buy works of art by famous and emerging artists from all over the world.



You have something to sell, offer or give, do it on Babilon the free marketplace that offers you a series of simple tools that make your offer professional and help you close your deal faster.



Welcome to People, the Network of professionals of the Cyprus Hub project which aims to connect companies and professionals from around the world to make them productive and successful.


The Right Network

The Right Network for your business shouldn’t be reduced to just a list of contacts to look for customers.

A winning network must offer the possibility of integrating your business within the community to attract the reference target and create relationships capable of becoming a growth and development factor, in order to start profitable collaborations for all participants.

Cyprus4People integrates your company’s activities within a community in such a way as to direct them directly to those who specifically request it.

Places to visit in Cyprus

INTERNATIONALIZATION WITH MINIMAL EFFORT It doesn't matter which country your company is from, Play on the international market like a big company but with minimal effort.

A Simplified B2B Purchasing Process

If the internationalization process for manufacturing companies is complicated and expensive, certainly, it is not a risk-free action for purchasing companies as well.

There are many B2B platforms that offer a list of companies but none offer you a free assisted service for the selection and conclusion of the deal. 

We offer you a no-cost “worry-free” consultancy service that will bring you exactly in direct contact with the company producing the product you were looking for without worrying about language and reliability problems. 

Our “Synergy” project was conceived and developed with the collaboration of commercial bodies and institutes belonging to different countries with the aim of facilitating the internationalization of manufacturing companies and connecting demand with supply.

IS COMING SOON We're not inventing the wheel, we're just trying to make it turn right.

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Do something because we are offering you a free tool to get in touch with those who are looking for you! 

Enough with the frustrations of showcase portals and contact your next customer. 

So if you have not claimed your company yet or your company is not present, do not waste any more time, DO IT!

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