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Born in Cyprus, For Cyprus.

Cyprus4People is a project Born in Cyprus, for Cyprus, with the idea of ​​creating the first Social connected to everything that is part of a community such as, for example, the Local Business, events, job positions, offers, news and much more.

EVENTS, VACANCY JOB REQUESTS, OFFERS AND MUCH MORE We Process Your Requests Differently To Offer You What You Are Looking For.

Not To Be Missed Appointments

Here you will find the most important events and the most interesting cultural and recreational events to experience in Cyprus and every event of exhibitions, concerts, theaters, fairs, festivals, becomes the perfect opportunity to organize a trip and take a well-deserved break, between art and food, literature and music, new trends and confirmations.

Find The Right Fit.

WorkScout is an ever-changing workplace, striving to innovate by bringing employers and candidates together. We are dedicated to improving our clients’ lives as well as our own employees.

Your Guide To Savings

Are you about to make a purchase, go out for dinner or join the gym and want to make sure you are paying the best price? Easy, just search here and you can find and compare the offers of your favorite stores.

WHAT'S ON TODAY Whether it's a gala dinner, show or webinar, this will be your ultimate guide to the best events in Cyprus.

Want to See What's On ?

How many times have you become aware of an event after a few days that it happened, or how many events that you would have liked to participate in and that you did not know.

So with that in mind, we have put this section together so we can be sure that, at the next event, you will not miss it.

TALK TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE Let people know what you're looking for through easy-to-use tools and let our community connect you with relevant candidates.
AND WAIT THE BEST OFFER Why contact many suppliers and ask for quotes when you can make a single request and wait for the best one.

Your Next Service Ask Here.

You have to paint your house, cut the garden, repair the dishwasher or do a complete overhaul of your car, what do you do, ask your friends, on social networks or google?

Do you rely on the first quote or do you contact several companies to compare them?

We think it is much easier and more logical to make a single request and wait to receive the best offer. That’s why we created ASK and that’s why we believe you should try it.

Places to visit in Cyprus

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