Solar for free, a unique concept
JPB Solar Energy Cyprus offers you the possibility to gain from cheaper electricity and buy and pay for the photovoltaic system after 3 years at a discount of 15%. After those 3 years you can decide every year to buy the system at a compounded discount of 5% annually. So, after 4 years you pay 80% of the quotation amount, after 5 years 75% of the quotation amount, etc.

During that time JPB Solar Energy Cyprus will charge you for the electricity supplied to you by the photovoltaic system, but at a rate 20% lower than the rate calculated by the EAC. Without any investment you already save money.

Of course, you can also just buy the photovoltaic system directly from JPB and benefit from the favorable number of sunshine hours in Cyprus and the Netmetering system that the Cyprus government has set up. The Net metering system means that the extra electricity produced by your system that you do not use immediately is supplied to the grid. The EAC will give back that electricity, for example at night, without charging you for the electricity (only minor grid costs are charged).

What we do

JPB Solar Energy Cyprus is one of the companies of the JPB Cyprus Holding Group located in Paphos. We sell and install solar panels in Cyprus for both homeowners and companies. Because photovoltaic systems are intended to supply electricity for more than 30 years, we have chosen the absolute top brands JA Solar and SOLITEC for the solar panels and Huawei for the inverters. JA Solar provides a 12-year product warranty and a 30-year linear power output warranty (at least 87.2% after 25 year). SOLITEC provides a 20-year product warranty and a 25-year 80% max output guarantee performance of the panels (at least 80% after 25 year). Huawei comes with an extended 10-year warranty on the inverters. We want to ensure you get the best out of the sun so we invented the unique concept: Solar for free, where we install a PV solar system on your roof for free.

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