The Planted Seed Becomes A Divine Experience - It all started in 2008.
A seed was planted and it was nurtured and cared for by those closest to it. It grew as a healthy seed should and through it’s trials and tribulations it was pruned and grew to be even healthier than before.

La Bodega Premium Cava

is probably the ONLY Cava you will visit in Cyprus where you feel like you never want to leave! You want to make it your home. Because deep down it does feel like you are home. The culture of Cyprus (the well-known warm hospitality) shines through in it’s purest form through the dedicated, loyal and personal service rendered to all clients and the well-stocked shelves are shrine-like for the diverse and high quality products available at your fingertips. Not to mention the atmosphere. Your senses are enticed at every turning. There are so many interesting things to see, smell, taste and touch, and there is so much more to listen to as all your enquiries are carefully untangled and responded to with ease and professionalism. When you finally do leave, it is with a sense of gratification that you have gained much more than what is in your shopping bag. You have gained an undeniably wonderful experience and a friend.

Our Why?
The purpose of La bodega’s creation is clear; To continue the high level of service in the local community and offer even more quality wines, spirits and related products as well as supporting you even more with hugely successful and valuable Master Classes, exciting events while sharing expert knowledge in the field whenever you need it.

An important part of La Bodega’s journey is the support of local Cypriot wineries and presenting the best from Cyprus vineyards to the communities and to the world! It is very fair to say that Cyprus has some excellent wines and La Bodega is proud to share them.
The global market is huge and La Bodega Premium Cava stocks wines from all over the world. Clients enjoy a variety from famous estates as well as from smaller, family owned vineyards, both equally favored and both producing real works of art when it comes to wine.

A unique clientele taste allows La Bodega Premium Cava to be sought after for their range of Whiskeys (stocking many collectors labels), Gins and Vodkas, always providing the latest flavors and mixes.

All of these exquisite products are highly complimented by the latest accessories, delicious gourmet products and heavenly, quality teas.

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