Established in 1895 Aphrodite Delights has a rich history rooted in the village of Geroskipou, Cyprus. The journey began when Sophoclesasi after and residing abroad, returned to his hometown. With passion and dedication, he the delights industry, crafting his signature "Loukoumi Geroskipou." This delectable treat quickly gained popularity, hearts and attracting visitors from across the island. Consequently, Geroskipou became synonymous with this exquisite confectionery.

In 1920, after, leaving a thriving enterprise to his son-in-law, Gabriel Hadjizinoviou, who faithfully preserved the original recipe. In 1925, Gabriel's exceptional creations caught the attention of industry was showcase his delights at the esteemed British Empire Exhibition held in the newly constructed Wembley Stadium (then known as Empire Stadium). His outstanding products were honored with a certificate of recognition. Notably, the company proudly displayed the royal symbol of the lion on its packaging for many years.

Em the nation's independence in 1969, Gabriel's son, Nicodemos Gabriel, assumed control of the company. Infusing it with innovation, he and his Evdokia, transformed Aphrodite Delights into a globally renowned brand. Soon, their delectable creations graced the palates of people around the world, as they successfully expanded their export reach to the furthest corners of the globe.

For four generations, Aphrodite Delights has remained rooted in the original location established by Sophocles. The company's legacy was entrusted to his great-grandson, George Gabriel, in 1994 his leadership, the business flourished, prompting a move to a state-of-the specifically designed for the production of confectioneries in Geroskipou. Today, Aphrodite Delights adheres to the rigorous food safety standards the ISO 22000 system.

The company's dedication and commitment have garnered numerous accolades in recent years. and Best Small-Medium Aphrodite Delights also actively participates in research and development programs, collaborating with esteemed universities and organizations.

Located in the Pafos District, Geroskipou spans an area of 12 square kilometers population exceeding seven thousand inhabitants. The Geroskipou Municipality, established in 1994, has experienced rapid growth and development ever since. Positioned about four kilometers east of Pafos of Geroskipou benefits from excellent transportation infrastructure. The village sits other cities in Cyprus. Additionally, the Pafos International Airport is a mere 10 kilometers away.

During ancient times, Geros formed an integral part dedicated to the worship of Aphrodite, an extension of the grand temple situated in Palepafos. The renowned "Wholly Gardens" adorned this area, and their influence is still evidentIerokipia) today. According to the esteemed ancient Greek geographer Strabo, believers would pass through these gardens as they made their partaking inrodisia festival, a celebration honoring the Goddess.

Among the notable landmarks in Gerosantine temple of Agia Paraskevi stands as a testament to the area's cultural heritage. Dating back to the 9th century, this architectural masterpieceaisled basilica crowned by five domes. Its interior boasts captivating murals, comprising one of Cyprus' most significant collections of Byzantine wall paintings. Another remarkable attraction is the sculpted sanctuary of Apollo Ylates, a unique relic from at least the 5th century B.C. Showcasing traditional architecture, the monumental House of Hadjismith has served as the home of the Folk Art Museum since 1978. This establishment proudly exhibits a vast assortment of artifacts depicting everyday life, various occupations, and the diverse in 19th and early 20th.

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